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  • Is your college or high school Statistics course coursing you a headache? Do you need statistics assignment help?
  • Are you frustrated by the quality of other statistics homework help?
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What statistics assignments can we do?

Online Statistics Exams Help

Are you worried about that online stats exam? Don’t worry; we can take it for you! We use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to mask our IP addresses if necessary. Need to ace the final exam – our refund policy is a guaranteed As or Bs or money-back guarantee.

Online Statistics Homework help

If you’re struggling with a Stats homework assignment, you can hire us to help you finish it! We can easily do homework on all the major platforms such as MyStatLab, WebAssign, Hawkes Learning, SOPHIA, Blackboard, and ALEKS.

Offline Statistics Homework Help

We can do homework in textbooks or photos of assignments. Most students have to provide some form of “in-person” assignments, such as a physical document submitted via photo upload. Just send us a good photo of the document(s), and we can start.

Statistics Online Class Help

We provide complete academic support in your Stats class! We can assist you with Statistics homework, Statistics quizzes, Statistics tests/exams, Stats discussion posts, and Statistics assignment projects and papers.

StatCrunch Statistics Project & Homework Help

Does your statistics homework assignment require you to analyze the Stats data in StatCrunch? We can help you out. We are skilled StatCrunch users and can present & analyze whatever dataset is given to us.

StatDisk Statistics Projects & Homework Help

Pay someone to do your StatDisk homework. StatDisk is one of numerous tools at our disposal to help a student become a math genius. If your online statistics assignment requires StatDisk, we can easily handle the work.

PDFs & Word Doc Statistics Assignment help

We get many students who send us their homework in a pdf format or Word document. That’s no problem for us. Our native English proficient speakers help with statistics papers and projects in Standard Written English at a high academic level.

Minitab Statistics Homework Help

Looking to pay/hire someone to do your Stats homework that uses the statistical analysis software Minitab? We can assist you!

SPSS Statistics Assignment Help

SPSS is a standard Stats homework software. SPSS is often used in higher-level and more advanced courses. We are experienced with SPSS Assignment problems.

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Fill out the online contact form or email us with your statistics homework requirements, and you will typically hear back from us in a few hours. Inform us in the order form of the exact homework services (online quizzes, tests, exams, assignments, or even entire classes), the online statistics homework platform, and the due date.


Our statistics tutors provide you with an affordable, no-obligation-free quote. Once ready to proceed, submit payment through our secure payment methods and get ALEKS answers with good grades.


Ensure you provide us with all the required information to access the work, including login information for online statistics homework help. Then our trusted online tutors will start work immediately. You can check the progress of your statistics homework via our 24/7 support team or your online math platform.

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We guarantee an overall grade of an “A” or “B” or your money back. When you succeed, we succeed. We take our reputation very seriously, so be assured you will only get the highest quality work from our math experts.

Are you looking for MyStatLab answers?

At FMMC, we are very familiar with the MyStatLab platform. Finish My Math Class™  has helped many students with statistics homework on the MyStatLab platforms. Don’t be fooled by other websites claiming they have MyStatLab answer keys. They do not exist. FMMC does the work correctly and quickly, having several years of experience working on statistics questions on the MyStatLab

Hire us today if you’re looking for MyStatLab answers. We can assist you!

We are Experienced in Major Online Education Platforms

Pearson MyMathLab




Pearson MyStatLab

Math XL




Delta Math

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Hawkes Learning


McGraw-Hill ConnectMath

Cengage WebAssign





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Affordable Prices

We offer competitive prices because we understand the costs for many students with other financial obligations such as high tuition fees and student living expenses.

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Security and privacy are a top priority; we use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to mask our IP address, and we NEVER give your details to third parties.

24/7 Personalized Help

Get exceptional customer support during your statistics homework help experience, including progress checks on your statistics homework via our 24/7 support team or your online math platform.

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Follow the three steps on our website to get a free quote with no obligation. Our online tutors will provide you with affordable statistics homework help for coursework or tests/assessments.

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You don’t just pay someone for homework help; you hire an experienced math online tutor to do your statistics homework. Our professionals guarantee A’s & B’s grades or your money back!

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Finish My Math Class™  uses a Database of Solutions that enables our professionals to work quickly and accurately to meet your Statistics homework deadline.

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We're your One-Stop Solution for Statistical Problems

  • Sample surveys with the most basic, dispersion, computation of expectation and standard error
  • Random sample generation, regression and correlation analysis, measures of central tendency
  • Z-scores, scaling of scores and ratings, factor analysis
  • Point and interval estimation of parameters, time series analysis, and forecasting
  • Trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, arcsine, arctangent, etc.
  • Hypothesis Testing and test diagnostics including Se, Sp, NPV, PPV using the Bayes theorem
  • Confidence Intervals (Z-Interval & T-Interval)
  • Data Analysis & Regression
  • Statistics using the TI-83/84 calculator
  • Statistics using programming languages such as "R" or Python and much more!

Who Uses Our Statistics Service?

Many students seek support for their online statistics class, and we serve all sorts. Do you identify with any of the following?
  • Many students are forced to take a Statistics course even though it has little or nothing to do with math (e.g., most Liberal Arts majors);
  • Students need to protect their GPA with high grads for career pathways, employment, or graduate degree programs;
  • Students overwhelmed with specific statistics assignments and projects that detract from the student life and experiences;
  • Students overwhelmed with specific statistics assignments that impact their ability to work on coursework from other subjects relevant to their degree;;
  • Students experiencing complex family or personal situations and cannot devote time or effort to their current statistics course
  • Students who risk paying double or even triple their current tuition for not passing a Statistics course

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If you’re still unsure whether to hire Finish My Math Class™  to do your Math work, we don’t blame you. We encourage your skepticism!

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Stats Help

Between full-time work & full-time college, I found myself in quite the jam at the end of the semester. I just had too much on my plate with work. I had done well in STATS up to that point, but the final was heavily weighed, and there were LOTS of concepts thrown at the class in the final week. I thought, “I will never use this again, but it could keep me from graduating!” Enter FMMC! They afforded me an opportunity to finish without unnecessary stress! They responded quickly, gave me a quote, and delivered as I asked! All done professionally, at my pace, and most important, privately! This is a legitimate company with stellar service! No hiccups or snags, I’d highly recommend and would not hesitate to recommend them. The personal cost for my mental wellness was worth every penny!


Statistics Test

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Finish My Math Class™  provides comprehensive statistics homework help and math assignments, including online statistics exams, tests, quizzes, discussion posts, statistics projects, and papers. We can also offer a complete online statistics course.

Finish My Math Class™  offers comprehensive statistics assignment help, including statistic projects, papers, discussions posts, and other math homework. Our statistics tutors have completed Minitab, SPSS, Microsoft Excel (or Google Docs), and StatCrunch & StatDisk. Our native English proficient speakers help with statistics papers and projects in Standard Written English at a high academic level.

Finish My Math Class™  has completed hundreds of Statistics courses. The most popular subject for statistics homework help is Introduction/Elementary Statistics. We have also provided statistics homework support for Statistics for Business & Economics, Interactive Statistics, Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences, and Data Analysis & Regression. We have provided Statistics homework using the TI-83/84 calculator, programming languages such as "R" or Python, and Software such as StatCrunch, StatDisk, Excel, and SPSS.

The price is subject to the particulars of each case. To provide you with an accurate price quote, we must know your statistics homework and coursework in detail. You can see the price ranges for specific assignments on our Pricing page.

We take all of the proper measures to ensure that your school is not suspicious (e.g., domestic login and working at a reasonable pace). We also understand your concern, and we'll be happy to work with you to ensure everything is done as discreetly and safely as possible. We also take privacy and security very seriously. Without such a commitment, our business will not last. Our privacy policy states that all client's information gives us stays between our company the client.

You're right that there is "free" help online. But these freely accessible sources require you to know and use them efficiently; you also STILL have to spend your time entering the problems and reasoning about them.

In short, you can save money, but you can't save time! The REAL question you want to ask yourself is: How much is my time worth to learn about something I don't care about or need?

Until you can snap your fingers or wave a magic wand or make a wish for your Math work to be done, there will ALWAYS be a need for services such as Finish My Math Class™ .

Finish My Math Class™ guarantees overall grades of an “A” or “B.” In the VERY rare instance, a client is unhappy with their grade, we’ll be happy to offer a refund as part of our refund policy. Our business model relies on your success. If you succeed, we succeed and we take this very seriously.