Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read the most commonly asked questions from our clients ( and their respective answers). As this company continues to grow, we’re finding that more and more people want to know about the nature of our business and industry. To better address these folks, we have found ourselves making our answers increasingly detailed. If you have any more questions, we urge you to contact us. Cheers!

How do clients pay?

FMMC is almost 100% electronic. Our primary method of accepting payment is through Zelle and Square (for credit/debit cards).

How much does it cost for FMMC to complete my course?
The price is determined on a case-by-case basis. To give you a price quote, we must know more about your class, specifically we must know about the coursework. You can see the price ranges for specific assignments on our Pricing page.
I filled out the Contact Form and nobody has replied. Why the lack of response?

If you filled out the Contact Form and we didn’t reply, it might be for one of following reasons:

1)You didn’t provide correct contact information: your email address and/or phone number are bogus or typed incorrectly. Or you used a “.edu” email address. At FMMC, we are not going to make time for people who won’t even give us the courtesy to fill out the Contact Form correctly.

2) You asked for assistance in a subject that has little (or nothing) to do with Mathematics (e.g. English). This company is called Finish My Math class for a reason: we are almost 100% committed to doing Math assignments.

If you email us directly, at info @, you may be more likely to get a response (depending on the service(s) you’re requesting).

What classes does FMMC complete?

We primarily focus on Math classes that students are required to complete at most colleges. About 90% of our business is Algebra (e.g. Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & Algebra 2, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, etc) and Statistics (Intro Stats, Elementary Statistics, Business Statistics, etc.).

We also have a few clients who are taking other Math courses such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

How do I know I won't get in trouble with my school?
We take all of the proper measures to ensure that your school is not suspicious (e.g. domestic login and working at reasonable pace). But if you have any other concerns, we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure everything is done as discreetly and safely as possible.
What if I'm not satisfied with my grade in Math class?
Finish My Math Class guarantees overall grades of an “A” or “B.” In the VERY rare instance when a client is unhappy with their grade, we’ll be happy to offer a refund.
Does FMMC write papers?
We are willing to write papers and other documents for clients, but we prefer to focus on Math problems and exercises. In most Math classes, the only “writing” is discussion posts. And we’re perfectly happy to write discussion posts on behalf of any client.
How do I know my personal information (name, school, etc.) will be kept private?
We take our clients privacy VERY seriously. Without such a commitment, our business will not last. Our privacy policy states that all information our clients give us stays between our company the client.
Why do I need to pay/hire you to take my Math class when there's "free" help online?

I love this question! You’re an astute customer if this question came to mind while browsing this website (or the website of any other Math course completion service). Respect! You want to save money, and if this is your question, I bet you will probably smugly point to people to sites like and Symbolab that are “free” for all visitors.

Quite frankly, you’re absolutely right that there is “free” help online. But even if you use the free sources, you must not only know how to use them efficiently, you also STILL have to spend your time entering the problems and reasoning about them.

In short, you can save the money, but you can’t save the time! The REAL question you want to ask yourself is: How much is my time worth to learn about something I don’t care about or need?

Until you can snap your fingers or wave a magic wand or make wish for your Math work to be done, there will ALWAYS be a need for services such as Finish My Math Class.

Is this company a scam?

It may come as a surprise to some of you (or not), but we do get this question A LOT.

Honestly, I’m not surprised by the people crying “scam”, either, because I’ve head horror stories about how many real scams there are out there in the course completion industry. What makes it even worse is that there is rarely any recourse for students who have been ripped off (I even wrote about this in our guide to paying someone to take your Math class). So, yeah, I can’t blame people for being natural skeptics about this kind of service: There are so many “experts” and “whiz kids” out there who promise to do all your Math work with an A+ “guaranteed” every time; then you’ve got people who will demand all the money up front, do nothing, then dare you to do something about. It’s terrible that there are people out there who prey on students’ vulnerability.

But, all the words in this answer do not do justice to our feelings about all the scammers out there. Check out this article on detecting scammers in our industry. We hope that you’ll find it useful!

Do you guys ever offer discounts to your clients?

Absolutely. We understand that for many students, our service is a hefty investment. To make things easier for you financially, we offer discounts to clients who:

  • Have “bulk” orders, i.e. you want us to do numerous Math assignments or you (or complete an entire course on your behalf)
  • Refer new clients to us. If you bring new clients (e.g. classmates, friends, family, etc.) and they drop your name, we will be very happy to offer you a steep discount. Those who can bring us new clients tends to get some of the biggest discounts
  • Have a previous relationship with us. If we’ve doing business for you for a while, we’ll offer random discounts. This rarely happens, however, because most clients only use us for 1-2 classes (because that’s usually all of the Math classes they’re required to take)

So far those are the only types of discounts we’ve offered to our clients. In future, however, we may further diversify our discount offerings.

What is a "Mathematics course completion service"?
Here at FMMC, we call ourselves a “Mathematics course completion service.”A course completion service is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a service for doing your coursework for you. It’s a very strange and unusual kind of service, but one that is flourishing due to increase in online classes and nonsensical Math requirements.