Reddit users care about course completion services

The title of this blog post is (nearly verbatim) the title of a thread that was started on Reddit a few years ago. The starter of the thread asks if anyone would be willing to “take my online Math class for me” for payment. If Finish My Math class existed at the time that thread was started, I would’ve GLADLY offered my services to this student.

The discussion is short but entertaining. I liked several of the responses. One response in particular stands out to me. It’s from a user who says:

To basically everyone else in this thread: Fuck your dimestore morality, I would gladly accept (relatively hefty) payment to do this guy’s math courses. In today’s world, degrees and certifications aren’t about knowledge or learning (unfortunately), they’re a magic golden ticket that allows you to make the money you need to survive on and NOTHING MORE.

If the guy can do everything but math and doesn’t plan to go into a math-related field, why should he, because of a handicap in one academic subject, be forever doomed to a life of poverty and shit jobs just because Reddit is inhabited by mostly math-savvy individuals with little to no patience or tolerance for ignorance, however justified it may or may not be?

What I love about the quote is its brutal authenticity. As someone who’s worked in academia for most of his life, I share this same sentiment. The majority of FMMC clients are people who want to get a credential to advance or improve their professional careers. They know that if they don’t get a certain degree (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc) their chance of obtaining meaningful, well paying work will be diminished.

In the current educational climate, nearly every school has some kind of Math requirement. But many of those requirements are highly questionable because they don’t teach useful Math skills a.k.a. numeracy. I believe that in the future more schools are going to severely adjust (or, even better, eliminate) their Math requirements. And if you want to read a great book about how most academic Math requirements are excessive and/or bogus, I strongly suggest The Math Myth: And Other STEM Delusions by Andrew Hacker. That book (along with others) really helped to open my eyes to the senselessness a lot of Math requirements.

For the record, FMMC is not anti-Math nor do we think people should be innumerate. We definitely want people to have some familiarity with numbers. Over time, we will publish more articles about Math education and what we like and dislike about it. Our clients, however, do not have the luxury of philosophizing about Math curricula. They just want to get a degree and get a good job. We hope to be a supportive voice for those people. We also hope to be a means for people to free themselves of pesky Math requirements.

Also, in the quote above the user says he’d take someone’s online Math class for a “hefty fee.” Unlike that user, Finish My Math class will not charge a “hefty fee” for taking your online Math class. If you go to our Pricing page, you’ll notice that our prices very close to those of our competitors. And if you decide to use FMMC for several courses, we will offer a discount.

There is another Reddit thread about using course completion services that I will write about in the future on this blog. Stay tuned.