We think you'll like getting A's and B's in your online Math class

Why does Finish My Math Class Promise to Get A’s & B’s?

The answer to the question is obvious to most, but it’s worth elaborating on a little bit. When Finish My Math Class first started, we did not have this guarantee. But we quickly realized how important it was. The A/B guarantee is a form of risk-reversal. Our clients need to know that whomever they pay to take their online Math class is doing to do a good job. It makes clients feel even better when they know that our payment is directly linked to our performance.

The A/B guarantee is pretty much an industry standard among course completion services. Check out any of our competitors and you will see an explicit or implicit A/B guarantee on their websites. We have even written about this in our guide to paying someone to take your online Math class.

While we do NOT guarantee perfect grades, for nearly all of our clients anything higher than a “C” is considered worth paying for. Of course, we try to score an “A” when circumstances are most favorable (i.e. there’s a good deadline and the calculations aren’t too cumbersome), but B’s are fine for the typical FMMC client.

If you want to make a guaranteed “A” or “B” in your Math class (or your money back!), please contact us today.