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Finish My Math Class ™ (FMMC) is an international team of professionals (most located in the USA and Canada) dedicated to discreetly helping students complete their Math classes with a high grade.

Introduction: Are These “Course Completion” Companies Legit?

This question—whether course completion services are a scam—is a question that we receive often. And it’s a perfectly sensible question, especially considering that nearly all of our clients are respectable, hard-working people who just want to get on with their academic and professional lives. They consider our service to be a worthwhile investment and they want to ensure that their investment does not go to waste.

That being said, I get incensed at the frequency with which students tell me about how they hired someone to finish their Math class only to let down in some way. Most frequently, what happens is the so-called “pro” whom they hired simply takes their money and never renders the service(s) that were agreed upon. This puts students in precarious situation. This is because students usually do not have any recourse to collect their money. Students can minimize the possibility of being scammed by considering the points mentioned in this article.

By the time you finish reading this article, it is our hope that you will be at ease with hiring someone (e.g. Finish My Math Class) to do your Math work. It is also our hope that even if you don’t hire us to complete your Math course that you’ll be MUCH better able to discern whether whomever you hire is capable of delivering on their promises to do your Math work. We HATE the fact that our industry is rife with frauds and scammers who take people’s money and don’t do any work. Some of these pricks will even try to basically extort students into paying exorbitant rates and threaten to get the students in trouble if they don’t pay up. It can be ugly stuff indeed.

So if you’re one of the people wondering whether our website and services are one of the dozens (or hundreds or maybe thousands) of scams on the Internet, we get totally “get it.” And we want to put you at ease right here.

This company (Finish My Math Class) has been and will always be a serious company dedicated to it mission of ridding students of silly, suspect, and tedious Math requirements. It makes little sense for us to voluntarily BS and screw over our clients given how visible we’ve decided to make ourselves. Go to any popular search engine and type something like “pay someone to take my math class” or “pay someone to do my Math work” and you will likely see us on the first page. With such visibility, we simply cannot afford to do wrong by our clients. We have a good reputation to uphold and we want to be in this business for years to come.

In the paragraphs below, I want to make the case not just for this company, but for our industry in general…

#1 Our website, content, and communication with clients

First, we’ve put tons of intense work into making and maintaining this website. I (the founder of this company) spend an inordinate amount of time personally writing and editing the content on the blog and other pages, and I spend lots of time answering e-mails from prospective clients, giving away free advice while asking for nothing in return. Simply put, “scams” don’t offer this level of service and engagement.

Heck, I even wrote a guide (which is thousands of words long and is THE guide on our industry and services) that details not only how to go about paying/hiring pros to do your Math work, but how to tell if they’re scamming you (among other things).

#2 We actively discourage some students from hiring Us to do Their Math work

This might seem crazy to you, but we actively discourage certain types of students from using our services. We have stated before that our primary client base is non-STEM majors who need to get past Math requirements that we think are (at best) pesky and dubious (and total nonsense at the worst). We don’t want to take advanced Math classes (e.g. Differential Equations) for engineers and scientists because we KNOW that they can’t “fake the funk” when it comes to their Math competency. Eventually, they will have to demonstrate an advanced understanding of Math. It is those kinds of students who we believe are actually doing themselves a disservice by hiring us.

But if you’re, for example, a Liberal Arts major we KNOW we can make your life easier by finish your required Math courses. I love it when I receive an email from another satisfied student telling us how we saved or improved their academic career by doing their Math class.

#3 We don’t give references to strangers

We’ve also said this numerous times throughout this website, but I’ll say it again here: We refuse to give references to almost ALL of our prospective clients. We don’t like to mention the real names of our clients on the website: Even our testimonials do not feature the names of the clients depicted in order to guard their identity. It’s counter-intuitive, but we’ve learned that by not giving some clients what they want the trust and respect becomes that much stronger. If you hired someone to do take your online Math class, would you want to be a reference to a person whom you’ve never met? I didn’t think so…

#4 We are “openly flexible” with ALL of our clients

We always strive to be flexible with clients, new and old. We don’t require up front payment every time, but we do give incentive in the form of discount. We do this because we know how sensitive this kind of service can be for students. Our flexibility signals that we would rather work WITH our clients to come to mutually profitable agreements.

One BIG piece of advice to students: If you’re skeptical, do NOT pay 100% up front

This advice can help you go a long way with course completion services. Basically, by only giving a portion of what you agreed to pay, you can minimize the chances of being “done dirty” by anyone. Also, some services such as PayPal have a “Pay for goods and services” option that makes it easy to re-claim your money if you’re dissatisfied with the service.


There other things we do, such as offer an A/B guarantee that signal our legitimacy. But we didn’t mention that above because the results are what you see AFTER you’ve hired us. Everything else mentioned above is about putting you at ease BEFORE you even send any money to us.

If you’re still skeptical as to whether we’re the real or not, send us an email today. And if you know of any scammers in our industry. Please let us know. We might just put them on blast!

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Finish My Math Class ™ (FMMC) is an international team of professionals (most located in the USA and Canada) dedicated to discreetly helping students complete their Math classes with a high grade.