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In the table below you can see the typical price range (in US Dollars or USD) for the assignments we complete. Please note that the price ranges are for individual assignments (we also offer discounts to clients who hire us to complete more than one assignment).



Price Range

Homework$20 & up
Discussion Posts$10 & up
Quizzes$20 & up
Exams$40 & up
Entire Math CoursePlease contact us for a custom quote


A Few Words on the Pricing of Paying Pros to Take Your Math Class…

Many course completion pros will try to be flexible with respect to the pricing of their services, and Finish My Math Class is no different. But we do not distinguish ourselves on price alone. If you’re considering hiring us (or another Mathematics course completion service), please consider the following questions:

  1. How much is your time worth? The time that you don’t spend doing Math assignments that you hate must be worth something to you. This is something of which our most mature clients have a keen understanding. They know that there is an opportunity cost to wasting time doing Math exercises that are of little to no relevance. They would be better off studying other subjects that will have a clear and direct impact on their lives. Or enjoying their friends and family.
  2. How much would it cost you to retake your Math class? Would it cost you just another tuition payment? For many students, retaking a class is MUCH more costly than the tuition itself. There may be other penalties for failing a class such as losing a scholarship or financial aid.
  3. How much are you willing to pay to KNOW that whomever you’ve hired to do your Math work is determined to take good care of you (in a professional manner)? It is our intention for professionalism and competence to be apparent in virtually every aspect of everything we do. For instance, our website (and content) exhibit our passion for communicating our commitment to serving students like you. Our testimonials and commitment to your anonymity are further evidence of our dedication to taking exemplary care of our clients.

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