When we take your online Math class, we would rather charge for the value not the time

I’ve written before about some of the most questions that people ask me about my peculiar profession. Another one of the most common questions I’m asked is: “How do you come up with your prices?” and “Do you charge by the hour?”

To determine how much to charge a client I consider many factors. You can read more about those factors in our Ultimate Guide to Paying Someone to Take Your Online Math Class. But one thing I haven’t mentioned until now is that I do NOT charge by the hour. The prices are instead based on each client’s perceived value of our work.

Let me give some explanation and clarification…

You see, charging for value instead of time changes the nature of the interactions between me and the client. Our clients are basically buying a high grade in their online Math class. They have no problem “throwing money at the problem” and paying a few hundred dollars to never have to think about their onlne Algebra (or Stats, Calculus, etc) class ever again.

We prefer clients whose perception of ours service is high. These are the types of clients who respect us and understand the value that we add to their lives by not only ridding them of a task they don’t like but by having skin the game and standing by our results.

How this affects the course completion experts at Finish My Math Class

When I hire someone for the first time, I tell them that there is often a learning curve. What I mean is that new course completion experts must re-learn some concepts and that takes time. After a while, new hires tend to get much better (i.e. faster and more accurate)

Once they get the hang of the work, an assignment that may have taken them an hour to complete with then take 20 minutes or less.

So if you want to pay us for the value (not necessarily the time spent) we offer by taking your online Math class, please contact us anytime.

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