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Welcome to the FMMC Testimonials page! Below you can read reviews from some of our best clients. Unlike other course completion services, we make it a point to use testimonials that are real. We’re so committed to providing authentic reviews that we’ve only provided the subject for each client.

By providing any other information about these clients (e.g. name and photo), we fear we wouldn’t be doing our part in protecting their privacy & identity

"I regret not using them of the best things I could have ever done for myself"
What can I say about FMMC that has not already been said by other clients? These guys are the absolute best. I used them towards the end of my term when every point counted, and I needed all that I could get. I regret not using them sooner. I struggled through my math course for most of the class and was down to two assignments and a course final. I was going to fail and there was no doubt about it. My next scores not only needed to be passing, but near perfect to keep from failing and being kicked out of my program.
I am a returning student, single parent and was depending on FMMC to not only save my grade in the class, but my GPA, which ultimately saved my Financial Aid. I depend on my financial aid to help feed my daughter and to pay living expenses. I would be in dire straits without it. I reached out to FMMC and it is just about one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. As far as I am concerned, they are superheroes who need their own series of interconnected films. I am at a loss for words for how clutch they were for me and thank whoever is listening to my prayers that such a service exists. I loved everything about the service. From the request form in the beginning, they were prompt, courteous, and professional. They seemed to really care about my situation and communicated with me whenever I had a question or concern about the process. The delivery was so much faster than I anticipated and everything I needed it to be and more.
If you have a similar situation, or just need a moment to breathe between assignments, you can do no wrong using this service. You will be glad that you did. I know I am
Trigonometry Client
"You saved my GPA"
Dude, honestly you are the best. I know this is not a free service but you saved my GPA by giving it a BIG push with the grades so now I’m going to have more chance to be accepted to Masters programs. If I ever need help with another math class I’m definitely going to return and of course, I’m going to recommend this service to those who need it as much as I did. Thanks a lot for everything.

I wish you the best of the best.
Statistics Client
"Without FMMC I wouldn't be able to graduate"
In the winter of 2017 I made the mistake of signing up for a Calculus course, thinking that it would be easier; I was wrong. Day 1 I knew I was in over my head, in between contemplating if I’d rather work the service industry or retail for the rest of my life I Tweeted, “If anyone is mathematically inclined I will pay you to take my calc class.”. To my surprise a number of accounts responded, Finish My Math Class being one if them. I was obviously skeptical at first, an anonymous account willing to discreetly take a college course, sounds too good to be true.

There was a website linked to FMMC’s twitter account, so I checked it out and it looked professional and legitimate but I still wasn’t sold. I sent an email to the address listed on the site and asked if the person receiving this email would contact me via phone, I wanted to make sure I was dealing with a real person. They emailed me back within the hour with a phone number to call. After I discovered it was a real person I asked them to complete two assignments for me, due that day. As soon as they received the money I transferred to them they started working on my assignment and completed it within the hour. From then on I was sold, I asked them to complete the rest of my course and they did so in a neat and timely manner. FMMC was even so courteous as to keep me updated on what assignments they were working currently. I would strongly recommend them to anyone struggling in a math course. They were excellent and I can’t thank them enough. Without FMMC I wouldn’t be able to graduate.
Calculus Client
"I hate math in general...but FMMC apparently loves it"
I hate math in general and I’m pretty sure most of the population does also. But FMMC apparently loves it. I took on one too many classes this semester and needed help. This is where FMMC came into the picture. After an extensive search and reading reviews from countless other sites I decided to give FMMC a try. I’d never use assistance before, so I was a little skeptical to say the least. They did not disappoint me, and I ended up using them twice. In all actuality FMMC basically completed my whole math class. They were quick to respond back to any message I sent, and they continuously keep me updated on the progress. Thanks to FMMC I ended the class with a B average. If I ever need to use someone again I’m definitely sticking with FMMC.
Statistics Client
"A complete lifesaver"
At first I needed someone to help me with math in general. Then I did a little research and found Finish My Math Class and it was a complete lifesaver. I’m pursuing a degree and has little to do with Math, and I’m terrible at Math anyway. I decided to contact FMMC to discuss the possibilities as I wanted to be able to get the best grades possible. If I had taken the Math classes myself my GPA would have tanked.
I definitely had some skepticism at first. I’m paying someone online to do my work? What guarantee is there?! But FMMC is great and very upfront and forthcoming about the work they do. After looking at my coursework and receiving payment, you did the work ASAP.
The thing that surprised me was how efficient you were and how great the communication is. That’s probably what I liked best about this service! There were no conflicts or issues due to miscommunication (there were no issues at all actually!) I was so happy with the grades I received. You did a great job and were always on time with time-sensitive assignments.
What stood out most was that I was talking with a real person who was genuinely trying to help. You provide a service that lots of us need and is so easy to work with. I would definitely recommend this service to a friend if they want to finish their degree while also maintaining their GPA if they’re terrible at math.
Statistics Client
"Because of your service and assistance, I was able to achieve 90’s on almost all the assignments"
I initially enlisted your services because I was in desperate need of assistance in my math course, at first I was very skeptical and rather I was going to regret the decision and potential loss of money. However, this was not the case at all, you assisted me through all the coursework and ensured I received passing grades. I was even surprised that you assisted me with last minute taskers. What I really like about your service is that we can correspond either through email or text messaging and you always let me know when you’re starting or have finished tasks. Because of your service and assistance, I was able to achieve 90’s on almost all the assignments.
Thank you for your assistance and patience with me!
Algebra Client
"I could not have graduated without you"
I just want you to know that I could not have graduated without you. This class has gotten in my way to a point that I was on the last time I could re-take it without having to pay cash out of my pocket for it and I can honestly say, I was just not going to graduate instead of pay cash to fail and fail again. You were so on time, you aced everything everytime…. I highly recommend this service to anyone struggling to get through a math class. The price was small for the ability to graduate after my next class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Algebra Client
"...made an already stressful year much better."
I just want to thank Finish My Math Class for saving me this semester. I was unmotivated to complete it and it was to late to withdraw. I started looking around for a legit business and I am happy I found you! The communication was quick and easy. A legit invoice was sent and the grades I received were over 95% as promised. When I had a question in regards to something, I emailed them and the response was quick. I think these days it’s hard to find a good business with communication and fast results. Thanks so much! You definitely made an already stressful year much better. I'll be returning again when I need it.

I would also like to add, I was skeptical at first in trusting my class info to a complete stranger… but I promise you won’t regret it! Thanks Guys! You have an awesome team
Geometry Client
"The price was great, the service was exceptional"
It wasn’t a matter of procrastination or laziness that prompted me to reach out to Finish My Math Class. But my day to day responsibilities were piling on, work to babysitting. I contacted FMMC after I googled for a service that finishes homework assignments, I was looking for an individual who really understood the subject well. I was a bit skeptical at first of course, it sounded too hard to believe but I read other reviews about the site and how well the team is with many subjects, so I decided to inquire about a price.

What surprised me the most and I thought was great was how fast and reliable you are, you replied to my emails within a matter of a couple hours. Completed my work on time within the time frame. I’ve already recommended the service to many of my friends, the price was great, the service was exceptional.
Pre-Calculus Client
"If you are struggling with a Math class, you shouldn't think twice about this service"
I never thought that I would have gotten this kind of help for my stats class online, I was nervous about doing it and if it was even legit. But if you are struggling with a Math class, you shouldn’t think twice about this service. I asked you guys questions about my coursework and you were quick to answer them and made me feel more at ease about my decision to get the help I needed.

You did my last two exams and got A’s on them so I got a B in the class (after I bombed the previous 2 exams). I couldn’t have been happier with the support you gave me and how friendly you were, it was like talking to a friend. You really gave me what I needed to pass the exams and class! So seriously if you are contemplating your decision just do it, don’t struggle and stress like I did in the beginning. FMMC will take care of your worries and get you a good grade, I would honestly recommend this service to anyone.
Statistics Client
"They are professional and on time with their work"
What prompted me to contact FMMC was that I was having a rough time with algebra (and math in general). It’s one of my last prereqs for my major and I was becoming desperate because I had signed up for the class and was just having a hard time with everything. It was 3 weeks left of the semester and my anxiety was increasing so I searched up FMMC and it has been a blessing ever since. At first, of course, one is skeptical but I decided to give it a try I really have no objections emails are answered fast the moment you request for them and also their prices are good. What surprised me about their services was how fast they do the work and how easy the grade was to achieve. They have gotten an A on literally all quizzes and the best part about it is they let you know when they will do it and I think that is really considerate of them.

Another thing I would like to include is that what really stood out to me the most was that they are professional and on time with their work as they do it, I will definitely recommend this to our friend and I have already for one of my sisters because I honestly would not know what I would have done without FMMC! Their services are amazing! Thank you so much.
Algebra Client
"If…the thought of Math makes you sick, get in touch with FMMC"
I can’t thank FMMC enough; if it weren’t for them, I would not have passed this course!! I am not good with Math and Statistics is like the devil to me. I Googled, “do my statistics for me” because I was about to drop my course and have to pay back all of the semester which was not something I could afford. But I wasn’t passing so I didn’t have a choice, but thank GOD this site pulled up!! I was making a 37 in Elementary Statistics and had to pass this course in order to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing which, I am now 2 courses away from thanks again to FMMC!
Another thing I would like to include is that what really stood out to me the most was that they are professional and on time with their work as they do it, I will definitely recommend this to our friend and I have already for one of my sisters because I honestly would not know what I would have done without FMMC! Their services are amazing! Thank you so much.
I will be honest because I was very scared and skeptical, but I can promise you that this is LEGIT and they made this course stress free! They kept up with my assignments, helped me with my online-proctored exams and also gave me an awesome price for doing this course for me, because I could not have passed it otherwise, and would never have received my degree!!
If you are anything like me when dealing with math and the thought of math makes you sick, get in touch with FMMC because they will treat you with professionalism and honestly like a friend. I promise you will not regret your decision, but instead be thanking your lucky stars that you found this site!!
Statistics Client
"My grades were exactly what I was looking for"
Struggling as an adult learner, working six days a week, I was seriously stressed out. I needed to complete my degree for career progression but 2 weeks into my math class I was ready to quit. I hit the Internet to see if help was available and found FMMC. I was seriously skeptical. My main concerns were maintaining anonymity and not getting scammed. Those concerns were somewhat alleviated when the staff at FMMC responded with clear communication. I expressed my concerns, goals and expectations to them. FMMC addressed each category and agreed to a plan that worked for us both. Honestly, I was still a little skeptical until they completed the first few assignments. It seemed to good to be true, but it’s not. FMMC is professional, honest, and they provide the exact service they advertise. My grades were exactly what I was looking for. We discussed how a significant increase in my productivity might look “suspicious”, so they slowly showed improvement with my grades. What stood out most about their service is how honest they are. You can enter an agreement with FMMC and feel safe. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!
Algebra Client
"…TOTALLY worth it. I'd do it over and over and over again. Highly recommend"
I am currently in the process of obtaining my MFA in Interior Design. Part of the course curriculum included a Statistics class (gross) which let’s face it, is just entirely unnecessary for an Interior Designer. I started the first week of the semester and it took me about 4 hours to read the chapters and complete the week’s assignments in addition to my full-time job, home life requirements, and other coursework for the semester. I decided to do a quick google search and came across FMMC. I was SUPER SKEPTICAL at first but started to feel better about everything after reading ALL of the reviews. I finally decided to take a leap of faith and try it out. I decided to opt-in for an entire course completion, which they did and with an A average. The fact that FMMC completely eliminated the unnecessary stress of a useless math class for me (did I mention any and all math excluding geometry are NOT my strong suits and intimidate the heck out of me) was TOTALLY worth it. I’d do it over and over and over again. Highly recommend.
Statistics Client
"I would not hesitate to take advantage of their services in the future"
Admittedly with a bit of skepticism, I sought professional help concerning my Algebra class after attempting to self-teach on several occasions. Being the last class required for my degree, it was quite important to me, and I had already exhausted several math-savvy friends and a school tutor who simply did not have the time or patience required to inculcate my lack of understanding. Upon initial contact, I was quickly provided by FMMC with a full breakdown of potential avenues and options for assistance, and have seen nothing but exceptional service and performance since then. As someone who conducts a fair amount of online business, I was extremely wary of potential scams or misleading claims. That being said, I tentatively began the process, successfully finished my course with an A, and they were proactive throughout the entirety of the process. While math is likely entirely behind me at this point, I would not hesitate to take advantage of their services in the future, and am quite greatful they delivered on their promises.
Statistics Client