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Welcome to the FMMC Testimonials page!

Below you can read reviews from some of our best clients. Unlike other course completion services, we make it a point to use testimonials that are real. We’re so committed to providing authentic reviews that we’ve only provided the subject and year for each client. By providing any other information about these clients (e.g. name and photo), we fear wouldn’t be doing our part in protecting their privacy & identity.

“You saved my GPA”

Dude, honestly you are the best. I know this is not a free service but you saved my GPA by giving it a BIG push with the grades so now I’m going to have more chance to be accepted to Masters programs. If I ever need help with another math class I’m definitely going to return and of course, I’m going to recommend this service to those who need it as much as I did. Thanks a lot for everything.

I wish you the best of the best.

–Statistics Client (2017)

“The price was great, the service was exceptional”

It wasn’t a matter of procrastination or laziness that prompted me to reach out to Finish My Math Class. But my day to day responsibilities were piling on, work to babysitting. I contacted FMMC after I googled for a service that finishes homework assignments, I was looking for an individual who really understood the subject well. I was a bit skeptical at first of course, it sounded too hard to believe but I read other reviews about the site and how well the team is with many subjects, so I decided to inquire about a price.

What surprised me the most and I thought was great was how fast and reliable you are, you replied to my emails within a matter of a couple hours. Completed my work on time within the time frame. I’ve already recommended the service to many of my friends, the price was great, the service was exceptional.

–Pre-Calculus Client (2017)

“Without FMMC I wouldn't be able to graduate”

In the winter of 2017 I made the mistake of signing up for a Calculus course, thinking that it would be easier; I was wrong. Day 1 I knew I was in over my head, in between contemplating if I’d rather work the service industry or retail for the rest of my life I Tweeted, “If anyone is mathematically inclined I will pay you to take my calc class.”. To my surprise a number of accounts responded, Finish My Math Class being one if them. I was obviously skeptical at first, an anonymous account willing to discreetly take a college course, sounds too good to be true.

There was a website linked to FMMC’s twitter account, so I checked it out and it looked professional and legitimate but I still wasn’t sold. I sent an email to the address listed on the site and asked if the person receiving this email would contact me via phone, I wanted to make sure I was dealing with a real person. They emailed me back within the hour with a phone number to call. After I discovered it was a real person I asked them to complete two assignments for me, due that day. As soon as they received the money I transferred to them they started working on my assignment and completed it within the hour. From then on I was sold, I asked them to complete the rest of my course and they did so in a neat and timely manner. FMMC was even so courteous as to keep me updated on what assignments they were working currently. I would strongly recommend them to anyone struggling in a math course. They were excellent and I can’t thank them enough. Without FMMC I wouldn’t be able to graduate.

–Calculus Client (2017)

“If you are struggling with a Math class, you shouldn't think twice about this service”

I never thought that I would have gotten this kind of help for my stats class online, I was nervous about doing it and if it was even legit. But if you are struggling with a Math class, you shouldn’t think twice about this service. I asked you guys questions about my coursework and you were quick to answer them and made me feel more at ease about my decision to get the help I needed.

You did my last two exams and got A’s on them so I got a B in the class (after I bombed the previous 2 exams). I couldn’t have been happier with the support you gave me and how friendly you were, it was like talking to a friend. You really gave me what I needed to pass the exams and class! So seriously if you are contemplating your decision just do it, don’t struggle and stress like I did in the beginning. FMMC will take care of your worries and get you a good grade, I would honestly recommend this service to anyone.

–Statistics Client (2017)

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