Homeschool Math Curriculum – The Subjects Covered in Precalculus. 

The subjects covered in precalculus include algebra, trigonometry and analytical geometry. They are designed to prepare students for the study of calculus, which focuses on limits and the differentiation and integration of functions. These topics can be a bit more advanced than what some students are used to, so a program that can explain them clearly and comprehensively without dumbing down the material can help students get through the course with ease. 

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A good homeschool math curriculum for precalculus should be able to explain the subject in a way that is simple, clear and tailored to the way the student learns best. These curricula can use various online resources, video and interactive questions to make the learning process more engaging and personalized. They also often include adaptive learning technology, which alters the difficulty of practice so that it reflects a student’s actual skill level and performance. 


Based in Australia, this browser-based precalculus program is a little more challenging than the average curriculum but still fairly approachable for most students. Taught through a variety of short videos, CTCMath covers all the basics of the subject pretty comprehensively. 

UnLock Math: 

Founded by a Canadian educator, UnLock Math is an excellent precalculus curriculum for those who aren’t the biggest fan of math and are struggling to understand it. The program is taught through videos, which are presented in a positive and encouraging manner by the creators. 

These lessons are accompanied by tons of practice questions and weekly revisions, so students can work through the material at their own pace. This program is also a great choice for those who are suffering from math anxiety and aren’t comfortable with more abstract concepts. 

AIME & USAMO Competitions:

This curriculum offers a wide range of problems from the AIME and USAMO competitions. They are a great way to practice the skills learned in precalculus and are perfect for anyone who is preparing for the AIME or USAMO competitions. 

It’s worth noting that these problems are a lot harder than the ones in the official AIME or USAMO competitions, so they can be a bit more difficult for high school students to master. But the practice is a great way to reinforce the subject and make it easier to remember later on. 

Saxon Advanced Mathematics:

Saxon advanced mathematics is another program that can help homeschoolers who are struggling with precalculus. The curriculum is a bit more rigorous than a typical school curriculum, with plenty of computational practice questions and a spiral approach to teaching math concepts. It also has a variety of in-activities and explorations that connect math to real-world applications. 

These programs can be a bit more expensive than standard math curriculums, but they are also a great way to ensure that students get all of the precalculus concepts that they need to prepare for calculus. The curriculums are also a great way to build a solid foundation for later higher level courses in high school math and help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. 

In conclusion, selecting a homeschool math curriculum for precalculus requires careful consideration of the subjects covered and the learning needs of the student. Precalculus encompasses algebra, trigonometry, and analytical geometry, serving as a foundation for the study of calculus. An effective curriculum should present the material clearly and comprehensively while catering to individual learning styles.

Several homeschool math curricula stand out for their approach to precalculus. CTCMath offers a comprehensive program with instructional videos that cover the fundamentals of precalculus. UnLock Math is particularly beneficial for students who struggle with math, providing engaging video lessons accompanied by practice questions and weekly revisions to facilitate understanding.

For students seeking additional challenges or preparing for competitions such as the AIME and USAMO, curriculum options incorporating problems from these competitions can be valuable. While these problems may be more difficult, they offer opportunities for in-depth practice and reinforcement of precalculus concepts.

Saxon Advanced Mathematics is a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes computational practice and real-world applications, allowing students to build a solid foundation for higher-level math courses. Despite the potential higher cost, these specialized curricula ensure students receive the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in calculus and further develop critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Choosing a homeschool math curriculum for precalculus is an investment in a student’s mathematical education. By selecting a program that aligns with their learning style, provides clear explanations, and offers comprehensive practice, students can develop a strong foundation in precalculus and pave the way for success in higher-level mathematics.