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I’ve said before on this blog that Math homework is the bane of many students’ existence. Perhaps the best proof of this fact is reading content on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. On those sites, you’ll see countless posts from students (at all levels) complaining about their homework in subjects such as Algebra and AP Statistics.

During my academic career, I also had to do many math homework assignments for the classes I had taken. I’d like to share 2 homework-related stories from my previous classes today in this blog post…

Math Homework Story #1: Pre-Calculus

A few years ago, I took a Precalculus class. The teacher was a hard-ass, but definitely cared about her students and the subject. To illustrate her “hard-ass”-ness consider this: a few days before the drop/withdrawal deadline she told us there were too many of us in the class and that a few of us needed to drop the class. She wasn’t trying to be mean; I understood what she meant. Moreover, I knew exactly whom she was talking about. It was a group of 2-3 male students who sat in the front in the class but were failing spectacularly despite their best efforts. (And by “spectacularly”, I mean they each had averages below 50%). She didn’t say any of the boys’ names nor did she even so much as look at them when she spoke, but she said things that only applied to them. Not surprisingly, the 2 or 3 students she wanted gone ended up dropping the class. They were right to do so; they really had no chance especially since the class was going to become more demanding after the drop/withdraw deadline.

This Pre-Cal teacher has a Master’s degree in Math education. I mention this because she said she didn’t believe in grading homework and that only tests should count towards our grades. I wonder if this antipathy towards homework was something she learned while studying Math education. I also wonder if this antipathy is common among those who study Math education (this might be a topic for a later post). According to this teacher, grading homework was a waste of time and all homework should just be an option for students who are serious and/or need additional help.

If this teacher were to find out about the kind of work I’m doing now (i.e. being a course completion specialist) I don’t know how’d she react. In fact, I’m not sure how many of my former Math teachers would react upon learning about this industry in general and this company in particular. Oh well…

Math Homework Story #2: Calculus

This story is about the Calculus class I took after Pre-Calculus Homework was just 5% of the grade, which at the time I thought was too much. I was impressed with my Pre-Calculus perspective on homework and had decided that homework should be optional Although I did fine in the class, I wish the teacher had the same policy as my Pre-Cal teacher. The homework didn’t really help me that much and my lack of interest reflected this.

But many Math classes don’t take the approach of the teachers described above. In many Math courses, homework makes up to 20% of the grade or more! This can create a dire situation for some students, who, like me, don’t much care for completing homework assignments. Luckily for these students, there is the FMMC Homework Completion Service. It’s becoming one of our most popular services (behind our Algebra course completion service and our Statistics homework completion service)

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