So you’re currently enrolled in a Math class that is giving you lots of trouble. You try to find someone close to you (e.g. a family member or a friend) who can help you out. Not surprisingly, when you ask friends and family for help, they are not of much use. Most of the time, they’ll tell you that they did poorly in their Math classes or that they’ve since forgotten most of the material from their classes.

So you turn to the World Wide Web for assistance instead. Specifically, you turn to a search engine such as Google and type queries related to whatever Mathematical topic you’re struggling with. When searching online for help in your Math class, there are many types of resources that you’ll encounter. This post covers 3 of the most common types of online help that students can receive.

1. Free Online Math Resources

There are sources like Sobtell and Mathway that enable you to do your Math work for free. I am quite fond of free resources; I often use them when I do work for clients. Many free resources will “show their work” so you can see how to reason about a problem.

It’s worth mentioning that each some of these “free” resources have a paid option. Which brings me to next type of resource…

2. Paid Online Math Resources

Paid resources such as Chegg and Course Hero are excellent too. On those platforms you can download assignments (e.g. quizzes and exams). You can also post your own questions and get a professional response on many of these sites too.

A big advantage to using paid resources is that you can see how you’re supposed to reason about a problem. This can really come in handy.

A drawback is that you will still have to do much of your work yourself. You must at least have some understanding of the steps to follow. I have noticed that will classes such Statistics and Calculus, where the calculations can be especially convoluted. It can be quite stressful. In fact, I’ve had clients who said that they were tired of using those sites so they contacted me. Also, sometimes the answers are wrong or inadequately explained. The tutor will write the answers sloppily on a sheet of paper.

3. Math Course Completion Specialists

A course completion specialist will take care of all your online Math work. This will include homework, quizzes, tests, and discussion posts.

Course completion specialists can be a bit expensive, but for many students the expense is well worth it. In most instances, it’s certainly cheaper than having to re-take a course. Also, the peace of mind that you get from hiring a professional is worth it.

If you’re currently struggling with or worried about an online Math class, please keep us in mind and consider contacting us. We’ll be happy to take your online Math class.