Rocket scientists want nothing to do with us!

Let’s just hope that whoever is behind this launch is proficient with numbers…

The title of this post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend the other day. He didn’t know about the sort of wok I do for a living (i.e. finishing people’s Math classes) and when he found out he said, “So you’ll be responsible for a rocket ship crashing because the people behind didn’t know what the hell they were doing?!”


Just imagine, a news story about a so-called Aerospace engineer aka Rocket Scientist being exposed as a total innumerate fraud. As funny (and terrifying) as that prospect is, I don’t think it’s A realistic fear. People who really want to do rocket science are not inclined to hire a company like FMMC. We almost NEVER get engineers contacting us, and we turn them down when they do. You can’t “fake the funk” when it comes to mastery of advanced mathematical concepts.

That accusation (as far-fetched as it was) did not offend me or shock me. As I said numerous times before, many people have quizzical or extreme reactions to the sort of work I do for a living. The ones who find this work objectionable (at first) tend to make many of the same statements which express the fear of some allegedly competent professional being able to conceal their incompetence because they were always able to hire companies like this one to do their work. In that sense, I would be an enabler of the worst sort: one who enables people to harm others due to their ignorance.

Shortly after the above-mentioned incident with my friend, another guy said to me, “What if a doctor uses your services? What would that mean?”

The way I see it is like this (I’m quoting Dave Tomar who wrote an excellent book on his days as an academic ghostwriter):

“If some incompetent schmuck who doesn’t have the qualifications manages to coast his way through life and in spite of all his obvious deficiencies somehow gets to perform surgery on people because he got good grades, there’s something terribly wrong with the system, and it’s much bigger than [others doing their work for them]”

I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. A recurring theme on this blog is silliness of much of modern academic requirements, especially those that pertain to Mathematics. It is my sincere belief that many students would be MUCH better off NOT having to take Math courses. This flies in the face of mainstream beliefs, but it’s a belief that gets stronger within me with each passing day that I do this work.

For the record, I do not recall having many (or any) clients who were pre-med. This company wouldn’t even want them as clients. We have been and will continue to be focused on non-STEM majors.
Anyways, if you’re a non-STEM major looking to hire someone to handle your Math work, please contact us.