Are there training resources available for teachers who use Delta Math? 

Delta Math is a powerful tool for helping students build math fluency and understanding. However, like any instructional technology, it is only effective if teachers know how to use it properly. Fortunately, Delta Math provides a variety of training resources to help teachers get the most out of the platform. 

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One of the main resources available to teachers is the Delta Math Help Center. The Help Center provides a wealth of information on how to use the platform, including detailed tutorials, videos, and articles. Teachers can search the Help Center for specific topics, such as how to create assignments or how to view student progress reports, or browse through the various categories to learn more about the platform’s features and functionality. 

In addition, Delta Math offers live training sessions for teachers who want a more personalized learning experience. These sessions are led by Delta Math experts and cover a range of topics, from the basics of using the platform to more advanced features such as creating custom assignments and interpreting student data. Teachers can register for these sessions on the Delta Math website. 

Another valuable training resource for teachers is the Delta Math community. The community is a forum where teachers can connect with one another, ask questions, and share ideas and best practices for using the platform. Teachers can also browse through the community to see how others are using Delta Math in their classrooms and get inspiration for their own instruction. 

Delta Math also provides teachers with access to a variety of support resources. Teachers can submit support tickets through the Delta Math website if they have technical issues or need help with the platform. The Delta Math support team is responsive and helpful, and can assist teachers with anything from troubleshooting problems to providing guidance on how to best use the platform. 

Finally, Delta Math offers a number of resources specifically for administrators and district-level leaders. These resources include information on how to set up and manage Delta Math accounts for teachers and students, as well as data analytics tools for monitoring student progress and usage. 

In conclusion, Delta Math provides a range of training resources to help teachers get the most out of the platform. From the Delta Math Help Center to live training sessions, the Delta Math community, and support resources, teachers have access to a wealth of information and expertise to help them use Delta Math effectively in their instruction. With these resources, teachers can confidently use Delta Math to help their students build math fluency and understanding, and prepare them for success in math and beyond.