How Do I Communicate With My Instructor on MyOpenMath? 

If you are a student taking a course that uses MyOpenMath, there are many ways to communicate with your instructor. These include online office hours, email, or even asking them to come and talk face to face. However, there are some things that you should know before you get to these options. 

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1. Find a way to reach out early!

Whether it is via an email or through your student portal, communicating with your instructor as soon as possible will help you to better understand the material and get the support you need. Often instructors have limited time to answer questions, so it is important to be proactive and speak up as soon as you have a concern or need some assistance. 

2. Prepare for office hours:

Typically, instructors schedule online office hours to be used exclusively for answering student questions. Be sure to make use of this time to ask your questions, as well as to explain how you have figured out solutions to problems or what strategies you’ve used to achieve your learning objectives. 

3. Do research before you ask a question:

If your instructor has a website or resource for a specific problem, be sure to include it in your communication. Providing that information is not only helpful but also shows your instructor that you are resourceful and willing to put in the work to succeed. 

4. Ask your instructor about how they grade:

If your instructor teaches in a different format than you do, it is always helpful to share how they grade. This will allow them to be sure to provide you with the correct feedback, and also give them a chance to learn how to best support you in your future education. 

5. Take advantage of grading options:

MyOpenMath is one of the most versatile and flexible homework grading systems around. It can present multiple-choice, essay, matching, and multiple-answer questions in a variety of ways. It can also present quizzes, homework, and other activities in a single assessment or in a series. This makes it easy for an instructor to create a variety of assignments for their students, all from the same interface. 

6. Customize your assessments:

MyOpenMath offers a number of customization options to ensure that your students receive the best assessment experience. These can be as simple as adjusting the color scheme of the quiz or as complicated as creating new question banks that can follow a variety of grading styles. 

7. Randomize your questions:

MyOpenMath allows for randomization at the level of a question bank, as well as the ability to hard-code into a question to allow for an entirely unique test for every student. This allows for a more creative approach to assessment and can provide an extra layer of confidence when grading your questions.