How long does it take to complete ALEKS Calculus? 

ALEKS Calculus: 

The ALEKS Calculus assessment is designed to provide students with a more accurate math placement. It is a non-traditional exam that avoids multiple-choice questions and allows the student to take the assessment from the comfort of their home computer. ALEKS provides a calculator as needed, and the test is scored based on an adaptive algorithm. It takes 90 minutes to complete the assessment. 

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ALEKS has several learning modules that allow students to practice, review, and learn more about the content of their course. These courses are designed to help students prepare for their classes and eventually improve their ALEKS scores. In addition to the ALEKS Calculus assessment, students must spend a certain number of hours in these modules before attempting a third proctored attempt on the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. 

Students should begin working on these modules as early as possible. This can be done in small, 30-minute segments throughout the day or several times a week. The more time you spend in these modules, the better your ALEKS score will be when you retake the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. 

It is very important to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment at least one week prior to your online orientation date. This will give you enough time to review the material and retake the test before your orientation begins. 

Incoming freshmen, domestic and international students, and incoming transfer students who have submitted standardized test scores officially as part of the admission process will take ALEKS in order to place into an appropriate math course. If they are unable to pass the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment, they will automatically be placed into MTH099, a remedial algebra course. 

The ALEKS test is a free, online, adaptive exam that assesses your math knowledge and determines which course you should take next. It is a great way to ensure you are prepared for your next math class, but only if you are serious about improving your skills. 

ALEKS is free to use, and students have access for a year. After this time, students will be asked to pay a small fee in order to continue using the ALEKS math placement assessment and/or the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules. This is to ensure that ALEKS continues to be available to students as a resource for improving their math skills and ultimately their ALEKS score. 

It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 6 hours in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules before attempting a second proctored attempt on the ALEKS math placement assessment. It is also recommended that you spend a minimum of 8 hours in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules after completing your first retake on the ALEKS assessment. 

This will increase your chance of achieving the highest possible score on your ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Whether you are taking the test at home or in a proctored environment, the time spent in ALEKS Math Prep and Learning Modules will make a significant difference in your ALEKS math placement.