Here’s something so strange, I couldn’t make it up…

Did you know that there are people who claim to be “homework slaves”? What they say is that they will do your homework for free (allegedly) so long as you boss them around and tell them (in a domineering, authoritative tone) that they better get you an “A”! It is primarily a type of submissive fetish for men who want women to assume the role of a dominatrix and humiliate them via academic submission (I guess). Very strange indeed.

I will NOT promote these weirdos by posting links to their sites and social media in this post. But you can see for yourself by searching for “homework slave” in Google or any other search engine. You can even find these people on social media such as Twitter.

At Finish My Math Class, we are not anyone’s slave, but we’ll do some good work on your behalf so long as you are polite and pay us in a timely manner. Contact us anytime if you’re looking to hire a pro to do your Math work.