Would you want to hire someone who did NOT guarantee results?

It’s one of my core beliefs that every professional should be committed to improving their clients lives by adding some kind of value. And if their clients’ lives do not improve, real pros should make adjustments. This may include the “ultimate” adjustment: firing yourself. Or, just as honorable, is recommending another professional.

Not all professionals can guarantee results. For instance, someone who writes a paper for you can’t guarantee an “A” because the grade is based on the whims of a professor. Someone who coaches basketball can’t promise that you’ll go pro or that you’ll win every contest. And a doctor can’t guarantee that your health will improve…

Which brings me to the main point of this blog post: one of the best tactics for attracting good customers and charging a higher rate is guaranteeing results. When it comes to completing people’s online Math courses (in Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, etc), it is imperative that high grades are guaranteed. This is because in Math, the results are much more clear cut: 2+2 = 4 in every scenario in an online Algebra class. This contrasts with academic papers. I have submitted papers that I KNOW would’ve received high grades at some schools get low grades due to the professor. Even more strangely, I’ve seen papers that I didn’t like very much get A’s.

Three habits that led to me guaranteeing high grades

Apart from the lack of ambiguity in most online Math classes, there were 3 other habits that led me to guarantee grades

  • I would work extra to satisfy disgruntled clients
  • I have done some work for free because I thought I could perform a bit better
  • I have offered a refund because I ended up being a bad fit for a client

After realizing I did the 3 things mentioned above, I decided that I had to make my grade guarantee explicit.

So if you’re looking to pay/hire someone to take your online Math class with a solid grade guarantee, please contact us anytime.