In the FMMC Ultimate Guide to Paying Someone to Take Your Online Math Class, I mentioned that online classifieds sites are great places to find someone who you can pay to take your online Math class. But I also said that you should be careful because there are lots of scammers out there. This post will cover some of the best ways to spot scammers on classifieds sites such as craigslist.

1. The English is sloppy or unintelligible

This is probably the most obvious tell that you’re dealing with a scammer. If the person posting the ad won’t even take the time to write good English, that’s a warning that won’t take the time to do a good job when it comes to their clients’ work. Be suspicious of people who don’t take the time to write intelligible English.

2. They contain “dummy” text

If you look at classfieds ads in major cities (e.g. NYC, Washington, DC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, etc), you’ll likely see several ads for course completion services. When you click on some of the ads, you’ll notice that you can scroll down a lot and see text that has nothing to do with what’s described in the ad. For example, you might see text that contains random quotes or language that would be more appropriate for an entirely different service altogether! The reason for this is to reduce the chances of the ad getting deleted. I would rather not get too bogged down in those details here, but understand that anyone who fills their ads with irrelevant texts is probably unscrupulous.

3. They make suspicious claims (e.g. you’ll get an A+ all the time)

While it’s crucial to guarantee high grades, I would be highly suspicious of someone who claims to be able to get you A+’s without seeing your work first. We have our A/B guarantee because it’s more human and honest. Simply put, I’ve learned that lots of assignments are too tedious to bother going for a perfect score every time, and our clients’ understand this. Besides, it looks MUCH less suspicious if some of your grades are less than perfect.

4. Are generally terrible to look at

Ads don’t need to be gorgeous, but something must be said about aesthetics. Basically, you should be weary of ads that are sloppily formatted for the same reason that you should suspicious of ads that contain sloppy phrasing. It suggests that the person is not very careful or respectful of their audience, which is a HUGE red flag.

Some examples of sloppy formatting include random capital letters, weird symbols, and wildly uneven spacing. I seriously wonder ads that are so sloppily formatted get posted on classifieds sites so frequently.

In a later post, I will go over the signs that a classifieds ad is good. In the meantime, feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions about course completion services or want to pay/hire us to take your online Math class.