What Is a Math Delta?

The delta symbol is a mathematical term that can be used to represent numbers, functions, sets, and equations. It is a Greek letter and has many different meanings depending on what branch of mathematics it represents. 

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Oftentimes, uppercase delta (D) in maths means “change” or “the change” and is sometimes also used to mean the derivative of a function. This can occur in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. 

In physics, scientists often use the symbol delta to refer to changes in motion. For example, if a variable x stands for the movement of an object, then delta can mean “the change in movement.” 

Delta is a great way to represent the slope of a line tangent to a curve at a given point. This is an important concept in math because it can be a useful tool for solving real-world problems. 

A Math Delta Tutor Can Help You Understand This Concept

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What is a Delta in Algebra?

Uppercase delta is commonly used to represent the discriminant of a polynomial equation. In algebra, this would look like b2-4ac and is often used to determine the quadratic roots of an equation. This is especially true in quadratics because a quadratic may have two real roots, one real root, or two complex roots depending on the value of D. 

In geometry, a lower-case delta can represent an angle in any geometric shape. This is because geometry has its roots in Euclid’s work in ancient Greece, where mathematicians marked their angles with Greek letters. 

In advanced mathematics, delta is often used to represent the Kronecker delta relationship between two integral variables. The Kronecker delta relationship is 1 if the two variables are equal and 0 if they are not. This is important for most students to know since it will be needed for a number of different types of problems that they will encounter in their future classes.