What kind of practice problems are included in ALEKS Calculus? 

Unlike traditional math exams that ask questions in multiple-choice format, ALEKS tests test your ability to apply mathematical knowledge and skills. In addition, ALEKS tests are adaptive; they adapt to your responses and provide a more accurate measure of your current skills than paper and pencil exams. 

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How can I improve my ALEKS score?

Using a diagnostic test, you can target your practice and focus on the areas that are most challenging. This will make it easier for you to succeed on your upcoming ALEKS test. You will also have access to grade reports that will help you monitor your progress and keep you on track to success. 

How can I retake my ALEKS assessment?

You may retake your ALEKS placement assessment as many times as you need. However, it is highly recommended that you complete a thorough review or remediation before taking the exam again. 

How can I retake a math course if my ALEKS placement score is too high? 

You can retake a course you have already taken if you have a high enough ALEKS score and if you can prove that you have met all the prerequisites for that course. If you are unable to show that you have met all the prerequisites, you will be required to retake your ALEKS assessment and take another course. 

What is the ALEKS Placement Assessment? 

The ALEKS placement assessment is a tool used by the university to determine your math skill level and what courses will be most appropriate for you to pursue in college. It will give you a good sense of where you are in your learning and will help you and your advisor decide the best path forward. 

New Freshmen and Transfer Students.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete the ALEKS mathematics placement assessment before attending orientation. This assessment will be available through the Orientation Tile when it opens in November for spring admitted students and late April for summer and fall admitted students. 

This assessment will not only provide a basic measure of your mathematical skills but will also guide you through the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules to help you develop your math skills so that you will be able to pass the next course you take. Depending on your ALEKS score, you will be given several choices of the courses you can take based on your score and your major math requirements. 

ASU’s ALEKS Prep and Learning modules are designed by educators with decades of classroom experience to work harmoniously with ALEKS intelligence. Each topic is conceived with careful consideration of how it will play into the course’s overall learning design. 

Even if you achieve the desired score, you are encouraged to spend time in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules because time spent in these modules will lead to better preparation and improved grades on your final ALEKS assessment. 

Advising Conclusion: Once you have received your results from the ALEKS assessment, you will meet with your academic advisor who will help you decide which of the many courses is right for you and your goals. The results of the ALEKS assessment will help you and your advisor identify the math or statistics courses that will best prepare you to succeed at the University.

In conclusion, ALEKS Calculus tests differ from traditional exams as they focus on assessing your ability to apply mathematical knowledge rather than relying on multiple-choice questions. These tests are adaptive, adjusting to your responses to provide a more accurate evaluation of your skills.

To improve your ALEKS score, it is recommended to utilize diagnostic tests to identify areas of weakness and concentrate your practice on those specific topics. Monitoring your progress through grade reports can help you track your improvement and stay on the path to success.

If you wish to retake the ALEKS assessment, you have the opportunity to do so multiple times. However, it is advisable to thoroughly review and address areas that need improvement before retaking the exam.

In the case of having a high ALEKS placement score and desiring to retake a math course, it is important to demonstrate that all prerequisites for that course have been met. Otherwise, retaking the ALEKS assessment and enrolling in a different course may be necessary.

The ALEKS placement assessment serves as a tool for universities to determine your math skill level and suggest appropriate courses for your college education. It provides valuable insights into your current level of knowledge and aids in decision-making alongside your academic advisor.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are typically required to complete the ALEKS mathematics placement assessment before attending orientation. This assessment helps determine the appropriate math courses for students and provides access to ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules to enhance math skills.

The ALEKS Prep and Learning Modules offered by ASU are designed by experienced educators to align with ALEKS intelligence and support the overall learning design of the course. Spending time in these modules, even if you have achieved the desired score, can lead to better preparation and improved performance on the final ALEKS assessment.

Ultimately, after receiving your ALEKS assessment results, meeting with your academic advisor will assist in selecting the most suitable courses aligned with your goals and ensuring a successful academic journey at the university. The ALEKS assessment results play a crucial role in identifying the math or statistics courses that will best prepare you for your studies.