What kind of support is available for students using ALEKS Calculus? 

ALEKS provides an online, adaptive placement assessment and a curated sequence of learning modules for each student to help ensure they are placed into the right mathematics course. Ultimately, this process helps students get into and succeed in the math courses they need to graduate with their degree. 

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What should I do if my ALEKS score doesn’t place me into the course I want? 

If you are not sure which math course to take, you can schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Your advisor will interpret your ALEKS results with other information about you, including any prior education or test scores, extracurricular activities, requirements of your major and/or minor, and other factors. 

You may also take the ALEKS Calculus Placement Assessment at New Student Orientation, using your Duck ID and password. You will have to claim your Duck ID 24 hours before taking the assessment. 

The ALEKS PPL placement assessment is an online exam consisting of 25 – 30 open-ended questions covering a variety of math topics. Your score will be shown on the screen as a pie chart. 

To learn more about the ALEKS system, please visit the ALEKS website. You can also contact your academic advisor to discuss how ALEKS Calculus placement will impact your college experience at IU. 

Using a Personalized Path to Success.

ALEKS intelligence is based on Knowledge Space Theory. It uses machine learning to efficiently develop and maintain a detailed map of each individual student’s current knowledge. This map tells ALEKS which topics the student has mastered, and which they have not. This unique ability to know the student’s knowledge at all times enables ALEKS to provide super-effective learning that is personalized and motivating. 

It also allows ALEKS to identify gaps in the student’s current knowledge that need to be filled, which is then provided through a curated sequence of guided learning practice. The resulting progression of learning modules, along with guided learning practice, ensures each student is placed into the correct course and has a solid foundation for success. 

This process can be completed as many times as necessary. You will need to pay the $20 fee each time. 

Once the ALEKS process is complete, your score will appear in LionPATH. This will tell you whether you have a Precalculus exemption for your chosen major or not. If you need a Precalculus exemption, you must wait until you have successfully taken and passed Calculus (Math 2250). 

You can also retake the ALEKS placement test more than once within the first year of enrollment at IU. The first retake is free. After that, there is a $20 fee to retake the ALEKS math placement assessment. 

ALEKS also offers “Prep” modules that are designed by ALEKS to review and improve the areas of deficiency revealed by your ALEKS assessment. These review modules are available free of charge and can be accessed by selecting the appropriate module from a list of options. 

In conclusion, ALEKS Calculus provides comprehensive support for students in their mathematics education journey. The adaptive placement assessment helps ensure students are placed in the appropriate math course, while the curated sequence of learning modules tailored to each student’s needs helps them succeed in their chosen course. If a student’s ALEKS score doesn’t place them in their desired course, they can seek guidance from their academic advisor to explore alternative options. ALEKS utilizes machine learning and personalized learning paths to fill knowledge gaps and provide effective learning experiences. Students have the flexibility to retake the ALEKS placement test and access free review modules to further enhance their understanding of key concepts. ALEKS offers a valuable resource for students aiming to excel in calculus and achieve their academic goals.