What Topics Does ALEKS Calculus Cover?

Using a comprehensive, interactive review, ALEKS provides you with the tools to master the math concepts and strategies you need to succeed in college. The course includes lessons, worksheets, and tests that will help you get the most out of your learning experience. 

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Pre-Algebra (Math 1200) & Algebra 2 (1500).

Students should take a pre-calculus course prior to enrolling in a calculus course. This is necessary to prepare for the level of difficulty of the course. 

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment is used to assess your mathematical abilities and determine which course will best suit your needs. It is an adaptive test, meaning that it gradually changes its questioning to better fit your skill level. 

This placement test is available for all incoming first-year and transfer students to use. It will be used to determine if you need to take a calculus class, or if you are eligible for an exemption to take a pre-calculus course. 

It is also a useful tool for students who are considering changing their majors. This is an important step because a new major may require more advanced mathematics courses and thus a higher ALEKS score than you had when you transferred to Auburn. 

If you have never taken a high school calculus course, we recommend taking the ALEKS Calculus Placement Assessment as a way to ensure that you are ready for your new classes. All incoming students will be required to take the test as part of their admissions process, and it is recommended that you complete it before your Camp War Eagle or SOS orientation. 

How do I take the ALEKS Calculus Placement Assessment?

ALEKS is an online, self-paced, adaptive test that allows you to retake the exam as many times as you need. Each time you retake the test, you will receive an individualized Prep and Learning Module that will help you to improve your score. You will be given a maximum of four attempts to retake the test, and you will be allowed a 48-hour ‘cool off’ period between each attempt. 

You can access your ALEKS account through the link below: Once you have logged in with your NCSU email address and password, you will be able to start the ALEKS Placement Assessment. It is a free, unproctored test that will take approximately two hours to complete. 

After you have completed the ALEKS Placement Assessment, you will be provided with a study guide that contains a series of exercises to practice. The exercises will teach you how to solve problems that will be on the test and will help you develop your critical thinking skills. 

Once you have completed the ALEKS Placement Test, your results will be automatically uploaded to your student record. You can then register for a calculus course, or any other math course that requires a placement test, based on your score.