During the time I’ve been taking people’s Math classes, I’ve received some strange requests. These requests usually occur when someone has to take an exam that’s proctored or in-person. People have even asked me if I could impersonate them and do their work! I always say no, because it’s just not worthwhile to me. And I don’t want to reveal too much of any FMMC employee’s identity to any school.

Which brings me to this great story I read about a boy in Kazakhstan who dressed up like a girl (complete with wig, make-up, and a dress!) to impersonate his girlfriend and take a Math exam for her. That’s real love right there (in fact, in the article I linked to, one girl describes the ac as “stupid, but romantic.” I completely agree!). Here’s a link to another article about this story.

This guy impersonated his girlfriend and tried to take an exam for her

Nice try!

Not surprisingly, the boy got caught and there was a steep penalty: his girlfriend had to pay a fine in excess of $2100 and had to wait another year to be eligible to re-take the exam. Fortunately, a local business agreed to pay half of the fine.

This story is a prime example of why I (nor will any FMMC employee) will NOT do any in-person work for our clients. But if you’re looking for someone to take your online Math class, contact us anytime.