On Twitter I see plenty of posts from seemingly distressed students mentioning how they’ve had dreams—nightmares, really—about their Math classes and the work in those classes.

In these tweets, Algebra is the main offender. Maybe because it’s still the most failed college class.

As I said before, Algebra is the #1 most requested class for our clients. I’d say at least half our business is just Algebra. This is probably why our Algebra course completion service page is so highly visited compared to the other pages on this site.

This is also why when I created the Math homework completion services page, I had Algebra in mind over all other Math classes. It’s true: students want someone to just do their Algebra work for them and we are more than happy to oblige them.

Anyway, if Math (especially) Algebra is giving you the heebie-jeebies, you can contact us and pay us to do your Math work so you can sleep more easily. And I’d like to leave you with following tweet from about a week ago: