Salute to all the people doing the REAL essential work!

We often serve clients who are in the healthcare profession. Very recently, one of them (a nurse) sent the following testimonial:

I can’t thank you enough for existing as a business. I have been an “A” student my entire life but I will tell you that Stats is absolute nonsense and extremely time consuming for non-math people. I work as nurse, and for my job there are two simple formulas I’m required to know in addition to converting imperial to metrics. That’s it! I’m convinced it’s a collegiate scam for this class to be a requirement for all majors.  The percentage of students in my class right now that are retaking this class because they failed the first time is at least 60%. 

Again, glad I found you and apologize for the skepticism at the beginning.   This has been an enormous weight off my shoulders and has allowed me to focus on my classes with content pertaining to my job that actually matter…like saving lives! 

Students who think most Math courses are “non-essential” are probably especially irritated right now. This is perhaps most true for students who are pursuing careers in one of the most essential fields of all: healthcare

There are nurses busting their butts every day who, in addition to working overtime, are still in college and expected to spend their few spare hours messing around with Math assignments they don’t need to know. I don’t blame them for 1) contacting us, and 2)being frustrated with silly Math requirements.

Salute to all the people on the frontlines lines who are courageously fighting COVID-19. Your efforts are truly appreciated!

If you’re an essential worker forced to take an unnecessary Math class, please contact us. You may also visit our testimonials page to read more reviews from our clients.