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Finish My Math Class ™ (FMMC) is an international team of professionals (most located in the USA and Canada) dedicated to discreetly helping students complete their Math classes with a high grade.

In December 2016, VICE magazine published a fascinating article about course completion services. Actually, it’s an interview with someone described as a professional test taker. FWIW, the pro test taker (whose name was changed to “Tom” in the article) works for Pay Me To Do Your Homework, which is another fine course completion service. Shout out to them!

Anyway, I just wanted to add my own comments and perspective to the conversation.

When asked about the national location of clients, Tom said:

It’s mostly concentrated in the big cities in the United States, but we get Canada, we get Australia, England. Some random countries like Korea, Japan. Mostly it’s right in the United States, but there’s definitely an international trend going on, too.

In the time that we’ve in business, I haven’t had many international students contact me. So I find this to be an interesting statement. For now, we’re focused on the United States.

When asked about the possibility of students getting caught using his services, Tom said:

These online schools are processing so many students that some of the teachers barely read the work

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to the kind of work we do at Finish My Math Class, it is true that schools process so many students that it’s hard to really track of them all.

Tom also said:

There’s so many ways not to get caught that we have never been caught. Online teachers would actually face a lot of, I dunno know—I don’t wanna say lose their jobs, but the administrators at these online schools don’t wanna lose customers, or they don’t wanna lose students and the teachers don’t want their classes to have lower attendees. It doesn’t make any sense to penalize the student or kick them out of school, or even call them out.

Yes, students who are afraid to get caught need to realize that schools have very little incentive to look too hard at required classes. It’s really only in higher level classes that you should expect a higher level of scrutiny.

Sometimes it’s just like a joke…It’s kind of sad if you look at college nowadays but the trends are definitely changing in terms of the quality of education.

I agree that much of the current educational landscape is a joke. It’s all about pumping out credentials and not really about actually learning. Perhaps at the higher levels there is more learning, but lower level classes are a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, I found this interview to be enlightening. Check it out! And, of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hire/pay someone to take your online Math class.

In conclusion, the mentioned article from VICE magazine sheds light on the topic of course completion services and features an interview with a professional test taker named “Tom.” The interview provides insights into the clientele of such services, mentioning that while the majority of clients are concentrated in major cities in the United States, there is also an international trend with students from countries like Canada, Australia, England, Korea, and Japan seeking assistance.

The interview touches upon the possibility of students getting caught when using these services. While the interviewee suggests that the sheer volume of students in online schools can make it challenging for teachers to thoroughly review all submitted work, it is important to note that this may not apply to all types of academic assistance services.

Additionally, the interview suggests that there are numerous strategies to avoid detection, and online schools and administrators may have limited motivation to penalize or expel students using such services due to financial considerations and maintaining student enrollment numbers.

The interview also expresses a critical perspective on the current state of education, particularly at lower levels, highlighting concerns about the emphasis on credentials rather than genuine learning. It suggests that the quality of education has shifted and raises questions about the value of lower-level classes in today’s college system.

Overall, the article and the interview offer an interesting glimpse into the world of course completion services and provoke reflection on the state of education. However, it is important to consider the ethical implications of using such services and the long-term consequences for both individual learning and the integrity of educational institutions.

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Finish My Math Class ™ (FMMC) is an international team of professionals (most located in the USA and Canada) dedicated to discreetly helping students complete their Math classes with a high grade.