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Among the courses we’ve done for past clients are:

Precalculus Essentials

Trigonometry with Unit Circle

Precalculus Enhanced with Graphing Utilities

Precalculus with Graphs & Models

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Hire us to do your Pre-calculus work

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We have completed assignments and projects on the following Precalculus concepts

  • Number systems & Equations of One Variable: The Real Number System, Polynomials and Factoring, , Linear Inequalities in One Variable, Quadratic Inequalities in One Variable
  • Conic sections: circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolas, rotation of conics, polar form of conics
  • Matrices: Gaussian-Jordan elimination, determinants, Matrix addition, subtraction & multiplication
  • Permutation & combinatorics
  • Polar Coordinates & vectors: The Complex Plane; De Moivre's Theorem, The Cross Product, the Dot Product
  • Complex numbers& imaginary numbers
  • Sequences & series: Arithmetic/geometric sequences & series
  • Applications of Trigonometric Functions: Right Triangle Trigonometry, Law of Sine & Cosine, Simple Harmonic Motion; Damped Motion; Combining Waves
  • Exponential growth & decay, logarithms, and more
  • Analytic Trigonometry: Double-angle and Half-angle Formulas, Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Formulas, The Inverse Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions

We Are familiar With Popular Online Platforms


Hawkes Learning


Math XL



Cengage WebAssign



Who’s the ideal client for our Precalculus course completion service?



  • Students who are being forced to take a Precalculus course for a career path that will not require them apply the knowledge
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  • Students who risk paying double, triple, or even quadruple their current tuition for not passing a Finance course


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