We don't always keep it 100

A few months ago, I had a client contact me to finish her online Math class. Things were going well at first: She told me which assignments she wanted me to complete and she gave me the login info to her class. I quoted her a price and she promptly sent some money. I then began to do the work.

She wanted me to complete 4 assignments. I had completed 3 out of the 4 assignments when I got an email from her. She was FURIOUS at my performance: I got a 90% on one assignment, an 82% on the second assignment, and a 99% on the third assignment. She asked why her grades on those assignments were “low.”

I told her “you got 2 A’s and a B, and I’m positive you’ll get another A on the fourth assignment. Every single client I’ve ever had would’ve been happy with those grades.” She “yelled” (i.e. wrote in all CAPS) back that we should always get 100% on every assignment and that we shouldn’t take people’s money if we scored less than that. She went on to say that we don’t know what she had to go through to get the money she used to pay us (let’s hope she didn’t do anything illegal or degrading).

I replied by saying I was sorry that expectations weren’t made clearer. At Finish My Math Class, we promise to get our clients A’s and B’s. But we won’t get 100% every time. In fact, it often looks suspicious when everything is done perfectly. It’s good for student’s work to have some imperfections. Not only does it reduce the chances of teachers getting suspicious, but it also gives teachers a sense of purpose because it gives them something to “teach” to their students.

In this student’s case that rang even truer as she was failing the class for about a month prior to contacting FMMC. To go from F’s to perfect A’s would have been a red flag that something strange was happening. We’ve NEVER had a single student get in trouble with their school and we want to keep it that way.

So how did this end? The girl never replied and I assume she has gone on with the rest of her life. And I got a good story to tell clients about expectations.

Anyways, if you’re satisfied with scoring between 80 – 99% on most of your assignments, contact us today. If all you want is 100% every single time, no matter what, we’re probably not the best fit for you.