Many people take exception to certain aspects of the work that we do.

In one of the most popular blog posts on this site, I wrote about how one of the biggest criticisms is that we’ll create rocket scientists and doctors who cannot do their own work. In that blog post, I explained that while that argument sounds good, it’s actually nonsense.

But there’s another, even bigger criticism of our services. This is the single most common argument/objection that I hear from other educators specifically.

The argument basically goes like this. By paying/hiring someone to do a Math assignment we are DENYING that person the chance to do the work and learn for themselves. That argument, I think, is utter bullsh*t (moreso than the incompetent scientist/doctor argument). Here’s why.

Students are not required to submit anything that we do on their behalf. They are free to mimic our approach to any problem. We’ve even made study guides for students before so that they can do the work in their own way.

But even if they do submit the work that we do on their behalf, I do NOT view that as a bad thing.

You see, these educators have deluded themselves into thinking that each student (or even most students) give a damn about what they’re teaching.

What our critics still do not understand is that people often hire us because they WANT to “deny” themselves the chance to “learn” the material.

First of all, required Math courses are tedious and boring (to them). Not everyone is going to (or should) enjoy studying Mathematics.

Second, they’re barely learning. They are going to through the motions so they can get a grade and ultimately continue with their academic career. The learning is more like rote memorization of facts and theorems

But here’s most important: nowadays, many college students are consumers. They view their “education” as merely paying for a job-hunting license. Them paying us to do an assignment is like when I pay a landscaper to do my yard work. In the case of me hiring a landscaper, I am happily “denying” myself the chance to do yard work.

We are helping our clients rid themselves of a pointless obligation. What makes the obligation pointless? It has nothing to do with their lives. The only thing that matters is the result: the superficial “A” or “B” on their school transcript.

So if you’re looking to “deny” yourself the opportunity to waste your time with Math work that barely matter, feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll be happy to take care of the work for you.