When I tell people that I take other people’s Math classes for a living, I get responses that mostly signal fascination that such a “job” exists. Most of the comments I receive are along of lines of “That’s brilliant that people hire your company to take their online Math class. Most Math requirements are silly—nobody needs to know [insert common Math concept that people forget shortly after they finish a Math class]. Keep up the good work!”

In addition to the comments expressing fascination with course completion services, I usually get 3 questions…

1. You can do that? You can actually make a living simply taking other people’s Math classes?

Yes, there is a clear demand for Mathematics course completion services
(i.e. lots of people are eager to pay someone to take their online Math class). People hate Math and we believe that most academic Math requirements are silly and a waste or precious time. But students have no interest in fighting schools’ policies and requirements. They just want to get their credential and be able to focus on whatever truly matters to them. For most students who contact us, it’s all about getting a degree and/or focusing on other subjects that they’re studying and will have an impact on their professional and personal lives.

2. Where do you find people to trust you enough to allow you take their online Math class?

Referrals are a HUGE part of this business. We take our reputation seriously and we want word to spread of our services. I’d say about half of our business comes from satisfied clients boasting to their friends about us. We also use social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) and classified sites such as craigslist to find good clients.

3. Is that legal?

Yes, it is. It’s frowned upon, but there’s no law against taking people’s Math classes on their behalf. I then tell them to go to a search engine such as Google and type “take my math class for me” or “finish my math class” and see what comes up. They’re usually stunned that there is so much competition out there. Indeed, course completion services are a new and unusual industry.


We Take Your Online Math Class


So there you have it. If you have any questions about course completion services in general or Finish My Math Class in particular, feel free to contact us. I or one of our course completion specialists will be glad to help you.