We're the alleged devils/angels who you can hire to do your Math homework

I LOVE Twitter.

The other day someone tweeted (I’m paraphrasing): “Maybe I could summon the devil to do my math homework for me.”

Let’s unpack this statement, which contains 2 assumptions…

The first assumption is that only a diabolical entity would be cool enough or willing to do another person’s Math homework. Does this mean that course completion experts are doomed to hell? sure hope not!

The second assumption is that students can’t pay/hire someone to do their Math homework. This person could’ve done a simple Google search typed “do my math homework for me,” “take my online math class” or something to that effect. She would’ve seen numerous results (one of which, of course, is Finish My Math Class).

FWIW, I’ve been to hell zero times since the founding of this company. Nor do I worship any evil figures. My life is actually quite common/non-demonic. Same goes for the other people who’ve worked for us.

At Finish My Math Class, we would like to think of ourselves as being closer to angels for most of our clients, but that’s not for us to say. And in case you were wondering, the student depicted above did not become an FMMC client. But at least she knows we’re around.

Whether you think we’re angels or devils, feel free to contact us. We promise you won’t have to sell your soul.