The other day, I saw an advertisement for a course completion expert who said he or she would get A+ on every assignment. That ad seemed suspicious. Regardless, that’s a pretty impressive value proposition.

I’ve seen others that advertise that they guarantee a 95% or above.

As someone who’s worked as a Math teacher, I have a soft spot for those who are less than perfect, but still do a decent job (i.e. they are mostly “B” students who occasionally get A’s). I think most of our clients fit into this category. Which is why I’m so fond of most of our clients. They want their Math grades reflect this part of their life and character. This is something that I think gets lost on other course completion services. Going for that type of perfection can actually backfire and arouse suspicion.

This is part of our commitment to keep it less than 100, i.e. strive for high grades, but not perfect grades all the time.

And for all the straight “A” students, we got love for them too. But these students are definitely in the minority as far as our clients are concerned.

If you’re looking to pay/hire someone to get you very good (A’s & B’s) grades in your online Math class, please contact us anytime.