The Ultimate Guide to Paying Someone to Take Your Online Math Class

The do's and don't's of using Mathematics course completion services

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So you want to pay someone to take your online Math class? Believe it or not, nowadays it’s possible. In fact, if you go to any search engine (e.g. Google or Bing) and type “take my math class” or “take my online math class,” you will see numerous results.

This guide is intended to help students determine how to go about paying someone to take their online Math class. We want students to use this as a reference whenever they’re considering hiring an expert to take their online Math class. In the sections that follow, you can find much of the wisdom that we’ve accumulated over the years we’ve been doing students’ Math assignments (e.g. homework, quizzes, exams, and discussion posts).

If you’re reading this page, you probably have your own personal reasons why you’re interested in hiring someone to take/finish your online Math class, so this guide will not spend much time explaining why people use these kinds of services (the most commonly cited benefits, however, are more freedom, higher grades, and less time to get a degree). We just want to make the process easier for you.

We will also not spend any time lecturing you about the ethics of hiring people to take your online Math class (although, rest assured, there is no law against using these kinds of services). This guide is more about how to best find trustworthy and competent people to take your online Math class on your behalf and how to get the most bang for your buck (i.e. how to not get screwed over). This is the guide that we know many of the current (and former) FMMC clients wish they would’ve had.


Where do you find people who are willing to take your online Math class?

This is a VERY common question that people ask whenever they learn about the new and unusual industry of course completion services. For good reasons, students have a lot of reservations about hiring someone to do their work (e.g. they want to do well in their classes and maintain good academic standing at their home institution). But there are a few mostly trustworthy places to go find a course completion professional.

1. Search Engines (e.g. Google & Bing)

As mentioned in the introduction to this guide, if you use any major search engine today and type “take my online math course” or something similar, you will see tons of results. For the most part, the companies that you’ll see on the first couple of pages are legit. I have rarely heard anything bad about those companies, although some of their websites are outdated and/or spammy, which is NOT a good sign.

2. Online classified sites (e.g. and

To find someone to take your online Math class on a classifieds site, you can do a search on the site itself (usually in the Services or Lessons section). Common queries to enter in order find these kinds of tutors are “math tutor” and “online math.”

The ads you want to click on are the ones that are direct in telling you the kind of service they provide (i.e. click the links that say something like “We Will Take Your Online Math Class”). If you contact any other Math tutor, you may not get a warm response as most normal tutors do not want spend their time doing their students’ work.

On classified sites, we recommend hiring someone whose advertisement is well written. On craigslist, for example, there are lots of course completion services whose ads are poorly written and sloppily organized. You should be weary of most of the people behind those ads. The best way to tell if they’re legit is to reply to their ad and see how they interact with you. When they reply, make sure you ask if they are based in the United States. You never want someone from outside of your country to login and do you work (domestic IP addresses are less suspicious than foreign IPs).

3. At a tutoring center (e.g. on your school’s campus)

If you’ve been struggling with your online Math class for a while, it is common to hire a tutor to teach you how to do the work yourself. You can find tutors all over the place, but perhaps to the best place to get support is at your school’s tutoring center. Even if your school is 100% online, there should be online support available. But beware: these types of tutors generally will NOT do your work for you and you may get in trouble if they decide to report you. I would avoid this option.

4. Social Media (e.g. Twitter & Facebook)

If you have a Twitter account and tweet out something like “I wish I knew someone who I could pay to take my online Algebra class” you might get responses from tutors and companies who you can hire to do your online Math work. Same goes for other social media sites in which you profile is public. (Btw, you can check out the FMMC Twitter page and the FMMC Facebook page. We routinely find high quality clients through social media.)

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How to tell if the company or an individual you hire is legit or not

It is no surprise that there are many scammers out there, so it’s important that you protect yourself. When you hire someone to take your online Math class, the transaction is similar to that of buying something illegal or illicit. What we mean is that if you don’t get what you want, you typically do not have much recourse other than the (hoped for) honor and integrity of whomever you’re doing business with (which is itself a bit ironic). And just like when you buy something illicit, there are ways to mitigate against getting ripped off.

One way to ensure that who you hire is legit is to see reviews. Some other course completion services have reviews on their websites although it’s hard to tell if the reviews are real: most people who use course completion services (i.e. pay tutors to do all of the work) tend to not want to talk about it. Also, you can ask for references. But, again, beware: most people who use course completion services do NOT want to talk about it in public. They what we like to call “Underground Evangelists” for course completion services.

Most real clients want their identities to be kept secret. This is we have blogged previously about why we refuse to give references to clients.

So what are you supposed to do? Luckily, we have a couple of suggestions that should it make it a bit easier and simpler to determine if who you’re with is legit or not.

Good signs that who you’ve hired is legit:

  • Solid credentials and experience: This is the single most important thing. Generally, you should prefer someone who has taken the class you’re paying them to take on your behalf. In most instances, Someone who has taken at least one semester of Calculus should be highly competent.
  • A professional, well-maintained, and secure website. For this company, having a website has made a huge difference for attracting clients and signaling that we are serious about the services we provide.

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What grades should I expect?

If the person you’re paying to take your online Math class is any good, they shouldn’t have a problem getting A’s and B’s. If they do NOT guarantee high grades, that is a red flag: you want to hire people for whom it is easy to perform well in a Math class. Whoever you hire to take your online Math class should have some skin in the game (i.e. their payment is contingent on their good performance)

But, please keep in mind that the people in course completion services are human and are unlikely to do everything 100% perfect. In other words, do not expect every grade to be a 100% or an A+. Please a bit flexible with respect to your expectations.

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How to pay

This is a very thorny subject. On your end, you want to make sure that you are getting you’re paying for. And the expert you hire wants to make sure that he or she gets paid fairly too. There a few common ways that students can pay someone to take their online Math class…

  • Per assignment: be willing to pay at least 50% up front. For a more credible source, you may have to pay more. This will be the most expensive option.
  • Retainer (weekly or monthly): This is my personal favorite. I like the idea of doing to frequent transactions because it adds a nice touch of transparency and trust
  • Whole course at once: Many course completion services make this offer. Admittedly, we do not know much about this because we do not do this ourselves. From what we’ve heard, however, this can be a good option.

Methods of payment

The method payment will vary depending on who you hire, but for the most part PayPal is a great choice (and the default choice of Finish My Math class). On the rare occasion that we have a client who wants to meet in-person, cash is preferred. But given that this is an overwhelmingly electronic business, you can safely expect to pay your tutor through some electronic platform.


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How much should I pay?

This is another tricky topic (in most service-oriented business, issues related to payment are the hardest to resolve). At Finish My Math class, we have our pricing methods (click here to visit our Pricing page.)

It is worth noting, however, that the price to complete your assignment depends on several factors. Among those factors are:

  • Deadline/due date: The less time there is to complete your Math work, the more it’s going to cost you to pay someone to do finish it for you. Help your tutor help you. In other words, give your course completion expert as much advance notice as possible. With ample advance notice, it will be much easier for you to be worked comfortably into their schedule
  • Subject: Some course completions services (such as Finish My Math Class) will charge more for classes that are more advanced. A Calculus course will generally cost more than an Algebra course because the work is much more involved
  • Difficulty/Amount of work: This should make some intuitive sense. If your course completion expert has to be spend more time on your work than he or she is used to spending, the price will be higher
  • Duration: Generally, the shorter an online Math course is the more expensive it will be to pay/hire an expert to complete it on your behalf. This is because the deadlines will be closer together, i.e. be MUCH shorter than in a longer, more drawn out course.
  • Previous relationship. If you’ve been using a course completion service for a while, it is reasonable to expect for the price to be reduced

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How to not be a crappy client

During the years that we’ve been assisting clients, we’ve mostly had happy success stories. But, unfortunately, there have been clients who were “difficult” to say the least. For clients that we’ve hard a time with, there are clear patterns in their behavior. Read below to learn how to be a good client…

  • Understand that this is a service, and it’s going to cost some money. These services aren’t just meant to be for rich people (many course completion services such as Finish My Math Class actually are affordable for most students). Just be willing to pay a premium for premium service (i.e. you will likely have to pay more money for higher grades and prompter service).
  • Do not get mad if your scores are not all perfect A-pluses. A while ago, we wrote about this on the FMMC blog. This is a VERY important point; do not try to bully or bother someone into getting you an “A” every single time. For most clients, we prefer for the grades in their Math classes to exemplify a “non-suspicious” competency
  • Have realistic expections. This is closely related to the point mentioned above. Don’t dig yourself into a deep hole. If you want someone to take your online Algebra course because you’re failing the class with a 30% the entire semester, and in the final week you need nearly perfect grades to have a chance at passing, it will be hard to raise your grade. Don’t put your course completion expert in such a tight spot that they have no room for error.
  • Do NOT give up all responsibility for your course. Be sure to check in periodically with your tutor and/or login yourself to verify that the work is being and that you’re receiving the grades that you want
  • Do NOT procrastinate too much. Many clients will wait until towards the end of the semester (usually the last week or two) before contacting us. This puts them in a bad position in 2 specific ways: 1) The chances of their work being done decreases drastically with short deadlines. It usually takes some time to do clients’ work correctly; 2) They will have to pay more due to the short notice. Course completion services are usually not very cheap and tutors will charge a premium for rush orders. Clients who contact us and pay us long in advance get discounts for their foresight.

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If you made it this far, thank you for reading. Feel free to check out the sites and services of our competitors and see how well they stack up. While Finish My Math class would love to have more clients, we would also love it if clients were more knowledgeable about this new and growing industry. We believe that there’s an abundance of work to go around.

If you think you would be a great client for Finish My Math Class, please contact us anytime.

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